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181 那丹哈达地体三叠-侏罗系界线地层中的放射虫组合(Radiolarian assemblages from T/J boundary strata in the Nadanhada Terrane,Northeast China) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
182 秦岭、大别山区的热河动物群与中生代地层和构造发育史浅析(Jehol fauna and Mesozoic stratigraphy and tectonic evolution in Qinling-Dabie Orogenic Belt) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
183 山东济南中寒武统张夏组藻灰岩可溶有机质特征(Characteristics of soluble organic matter in algal limestone from the Middle Cambrian Zhangxia Formation,Jinan,Shandong) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
184 陕南、豫南中生代晚期的昆虫化石(A contribution to the knowledge of insects from the Late Mesozoic in southern Shaanxi and Henan provinces,China) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
185 陕南、豫西早白垩世介形类化石(Some Early Cretaceous ostracods from southern Shaanxi and western Henan) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
186 陕南、豫西早白垩世轮藻化石(Early Cretaceous charophytes from southern Shaanxi and western Henan) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
187 陕南、豫西早白垩世叶肢介化石(Early Cretaceous fossil conchostracans fro southern Shaanxi and western Henan.) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
188 陕南商县、豫西南召早白垩世植物化石(Early Cretaceous fossil plants from Shangxian Basin of Shaanxi and Nanzhao disctrict of Henan,China) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
189 陕南商县早白垩世孢粉组合及其意义(Early Cretaceous sporo-pollen assemblages and their stratigraphical significance in Shangxian,Shaanxi Province) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
190 塔里木板块北缘早古生代地质发展几个问题的探讨(Discussions on some problems concerning Early Palaeozoic history of northern margin of Tarim Plate) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
191 峡东区晚震旦世庙河生物群的研究近况(Recent developments in the ressearch of the Miaohe Biota from the Late Sinian in eastern Yangtze Gorges) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
192 新疆阿尔塔什剖面白垩-第三系界线附近碳同位素异常(Carbon isotope anomalies near the K/T boundary at the Aertasi section, Xinjiang,China) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
193 扬子板块东南缘晚奥陶世-志留纪构造和地层序列的挠曲解释(Flexural interpretation of relationships between Late Ordovician-Silurian tectonism and stratigraphic sequences,southeastern Yangtze Plate,China) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
194 用FoxBASE+建造化石孢粉专家系统(Building BF expert system with FoxBASE+) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
195 中国二叠-三叠系界线灾变事件标志(On the catastrophic event markers of the Permian-Triassic boundary in China) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
196 中国及邻区奥陶纪板块(Ordovician plate tectonice of China and its neighboring region) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
197 竹节石的集群绝灭(Mass extinctions of tentaculitoids) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
198 竹节石的数字分类和鉴定程序(Numerical taxonomy and identifying program of tentaculitoids) 1993年0卷2期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
199 “华南地理演化”课题1990年度工作(An annual report of the Project Paleogeographic Evolution of South China) 1991年0卷1期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
200 宝塔相――“时尚”于奥陶纪的一种生物沉积作用类型(Pagoda facies--a“fashion” Biosedimentation of Ordovician time) 1991年0卷1期 Palaeoworld 远古世界
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